Top Cornwall Tourist Attractions

Cornwall is a visitor’s delight, with its heady mix of mountains, stunning azure coastlines and gardens. If that’s not all, there are multiple recreation options like casinos, cafes and entertainment centres, where visitors can let their hair down and relax. Here are some of the county’s most sought-after attractions.

Newquay Zoo

Probably Great Britain’s best yet most well-kept secret, Newquay Zoo houses more than 130 wildlife species, including penguins, lemurs (visitors can enjoy feeding them) and meerkats. Then there are the lions too. If you want a personal, more up and closer, experience with these endearing creatures, register to be a zookeeper for the day.

The Eden Project

The planet’s largest captivity rainforest, The Eden Project, is a testimony of man’s ingenuity in replicating nature. One of the mammoth Biomes features a gushing waterfall. Pick a bright and sunny day to enjoy the outdoor exhibits and the architectural marvels within the park. Enjoy concerts in summer and sporting events (ice-skating) during winters.


Tintagel is the primary seat of King Arthur and a place of mesmerising natural beauty. A pleasant medieval hamlet, it is crowned by a castle headland. Visitors seeking old-worldly charm smack in the middle of 12-century remains will also enjoy the majestic coastal views. Head there at dawn or late evenings to avoid hordes of tourists. Get your picnic basket and enjoy a nice meal in the midst of the region’s historical ruins.


This is a quintessentially magnificent family estate that is reminiscent of Victorian ideals and glory. You’ll observe a painstaking segregation of genders and classes. You’ll be forgiven for believing that the Robartes clan hasn’t been out of their house after it was built since so little of it has changed even today. The gardens are open to visitors all year round, while the home can be visited from March to November.