Top Things To Do in Cornwall

Fancy unearthing some hidden tourist gems? Cornwall boasts of subtle charm, a romantic medieval vibe and a host of entertainment options. Here are the top things to do in this relatively unexplored historical wonder.

Take a Night Train

Take a nocturnal journey aboard the recently renovated train – Night Riviera, plying from Paddington to Penzance. You’ll not just enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, but also experience a host of amenities, spectacular nightly views and a feel of the famed Victorian hospitality. Yes, Cornwall is arriving and how!

Eat at Nathan Outlaw

Cornwall’s celebrity chef whips up some of the most delectable sea-food preparations you can sample in the region. Those passionate about tucking into Cornish fish and other seafood can make a beeline for this twice Michelin starred eatery. The chef will add his own inspiring touches to classics, making this a must visit. Yes, it’s heavy on the pocket but an experience that you’ll be recounting many times over.

Tate St. Ives

After a resurrection project spanning almost two years and costing multimillion in pounds, the doors of the distinguished gallery have been thrown open to visitors. View the spectacular gallery extension, revolving exhibits (housing works of Cornish artists) and a fabulous location bang above the Porthmeor Beach sands. The gallery is washed in white paint and bright light to keep the focus solely on the masterpieces. Where else will you find man-made works of art in the midst of nature’s stunning artworks?

Go Casino Hopping

Penzance has plenty of one-stop entertainment centres where families can enjoy everything from bowling to arcade games to fruit machines. What’s more? A majority of these places have an in-house restaurant and bar, combined with a host of other entertainment options. A day out for fun and recreations just got more interesting. Bingo!